Cubby, a Luggage Storage Service, Offers Its Luggage Storage to Bostonians

The service offers economical luggage storage solutions to Bostonians and plans to expand to other cities.

Cubby, a Luggage Storage Service, Offers Its Luggage Storage to Bostonians

Boston, MA, January 04, 2020 –(– Cubby has made traveling a lot easier for Bostonians by offering exceptional luggage storage services in Boston.

Cubby has 18 convenient storage locations around all major landmarks in Boston. These include Boston Common, South Station, Fenway Park, Logan Airport, Cambridge, and Harvard.

Home to Harvard Medical and Business Schools, MIT, Boston University, and Berklee College of Music, Boston is known for education system, as well as gardens, parks, and museums.

The company, having achieved renown in the industry for its services, plans to expand its operations in other cities as well. Besides Boston, they currently offer services in Dallas, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Las Vegas, Galveston, and Austin.

According to statistics, more than 55 percent of travelers aim to make sustainable traveling choices, but lack knowledge of all the options available to them. (Source:

Leaving luggage at hotels is not a feasible idea for many – especially when travelers would prefer not to stay in them altogether, given a choice.

Cubby takes away the stress of storing the luggage. Clients can trust the service to store their bags without the fear of their belongings being mishandled, stolen, or lost.

“We believe that traveling should be easy and inexpensive. Booking an Airbnb can become stressful because there are strict luggage and checkout policies.

“Cubby eases the burden of travelers by ensuring no luggage is mishandled or misplaced. When clients leave their luggage at one of our locations, there’s the added security of surveillance cameras. Each client is assigned a unique bag number that they’re provided beforehand. We also offer insurance on the baggage that’s stored,” commented a senior executive at the company, highlighting their services and what makes them different.

Cubby also operates in Houston, Galveston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Washington, D.C. As one of the most renowned names in the luggage storage industry, Cubby aims to expand its horizons, and to continue providing inexpensive luggage storage solutions to travelers. They partner with local businesses by monetizing the free spaces in their shops. This helps the local businesses make additional revenue and is also a win-win for travelers.

“Clients rely on us to handle their luggage so they can travel light. They don’t have to worry about checking their bags into a hotel or motel. They can come and collect their luggage from our locations once their visit is over,” commented the senior executive.

All customers have to do is make a payment online, and they’re good to go.

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Cubby offers luggage storage solutions in Houston, Galveston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other Texan cities, as well as Boston.

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