Every Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan out there wants nothing more than to see their team return to the postseason for the first time since 2007. It’s been so long since the Bucs have made a playoff appearance, that every other team in their division — the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints — has made an appearance in at least one Super Bowl (only the Saints won).

For better or worse, the 2019 season will be defined by the play of quarterback Jameis Winston. Either the fifth-year signal caller steps up and establishes himself as this team’s leader, or, the Bucs will be looking to the 2020 NFL Draft to find a new franchise guy.

Winston’s play and leadership has left something to be desired the past several years, and after leading his team to a near playoff berth in 2016 with a 9-7 record, the Bucs have been on a downward spiral.

One of the low points was a Week 9 game against the Saints back in 2017, when Winston gave an infamous (and extremely awkward) pregame hype speech to his teammates.

Take a look.

It’s clear nobody but Winston has any idea what’s going on, and the speech clearly didn’t work as the Bucs got destroyed by the Saints, 30-10, with Winston getting hurt in the first half of the game.

Suffice it to say, Winston’s speech was a topic of conversation the following week on sports shows.

Don’t forget to eat your Ws, kids. It’s part of a balanced breakfast…