The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to rebound from another 5-11 record last season. The main culprit was the defense, which couldn’t seem to stop anyone.

The 2019 NFL Draft, however, allowed the Buccaneers walked away with a bevy of young talent that should help replenish their depleted defense, with LSU linebacker Devin White the crown jewel of their draft class.

But it’s not like the other Buccaneers on the roster are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. They’ve been on the field and in the workout room for some offseason training programs.

Take a look at this video below, courtesy of the Bucs’ website.

The best part of the video is clearly about 10 seconds in, when offensive tackle Donovan Smith knocks over a trash can and gives the camera a little “what’s up.” (Only guy out there who can successfully rock a bucket hat.)

The Buccaneers and their fans have a lot to look forward to this season with the arrival of Bruce Arians. Tampa Bay could turn things around quicker than people think if the two-time NFL Coach of the Year can get the team to buy into his philosophy.