Stick Carriers Take Over Training Camp

Stick Carriers Take Over Training Camp

Hype is building around this Buccaneers team. Many are predicting the Bucs will push toward the playoffs for the first time in a decade and, with that, fans are growing more and more excited each and every day.

On Saturday, some of the most loyal Buccaneers fans called the “Stick Carriers” made a pilgrimage to One Buccaneer Place. By the start of practice, the Stick Carriers were going wild. Their energy didn’t cease as practice carried on, either.

What exactly is a Stick Carrier? They’re a group of die-hard Buccaneers fans who have turned Coach Dirk Koetter’s mantra – speak softly but carry a big stick – into their battle cry. Koetter was thrilled to have the Stick Carriers at camp and was blown away by their enthusiasm.

“That was fantastic,” Koetter said after practice. “They did a great job. That was a lot of fun. Hats off to the Stick Carriers. They did an awesome job today.”

Koetter walked over to the Stick Carriers after practice and delivered a speech, which can be seen above. He also received a portrait that the Stick Carriers made for him. It depicted Koetter as Martin Scorsese’s character Don Corleone from The Godfather. Koetter accepted the gift and held it up for the Stick Carriers, which was met with a rowdy round of applause.


Published at Sat, 05 Aug 2017 17:13:07 +0000