Gipsy Kings to play Ruth Eckerd Hall

Gipsy Kings to play Ruth Eckerd Hall

The Gipsy Kings take the stage June 16 at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

CLEARWATER – The Gipsy Kings featuring Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo will perform Friday, June 16, 8 p.m., at Ruth Eckerd Hall, 1111 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater.

Tickets start at $45. Call 727-791-7400 or visit www.r­uthec­kerdh­all.c­om.

The Gipsy Kings will transport audiences back to the south of France with flamenco guitars and booming Spanish vocals.

“Music has always been a passion,” said lead guitarist Tonino Baliardo in a press release. “Even after all this time, after all these years of touring and working. It has given us so much. We have matured, we have developed in music, and it has been so good for us.”

Melding sizzling flamenco, rumba, salsa and pop to the tune of 20 million albums sold, the Grammy Award-winning hit-makers behind “Bamboléo” continue to celebrate in their very own, blistering tradition.

The Gipsy Kings have spent a remarkable two-and-a-half decades at the top, in a category that’s all their own. Yet in those occasional periods when they aren’t touring, the band members still live with their families in the south of France, the area that defined their identities and their sound. Each time, they return to their isolated enclave, and then recreate the experience of immigrants coming to a new land. Certainly, their lives are different from those of their ancestors, but something fundamental still remains; as they continue to travel the world, absorbing new cultures and styles, this mobility, curiosity, and adaptation drives their music ever forward.

Now the Gipsy Kings return with “Savor Flamenco,” their ninth studio album and first new release in six years. The project marks the first time in their storied career that the Gipsy Kings have produced themselves and written all of the material. It also starts a relationship between France’s most successful musical group of all time and a new label, Knitting Factory Records.

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