Smoker using medical oxygen ignites…

Smoker using medical oxygen ignites…

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — An overnight fire that seriously injured a victim was caused when the victim using oxygen assistance fell asleep while smoking in bed, Lakeland Fire Department reported.

The fire was exacerbated by the presence of the victim’s medical oxygen, firefighters said.

Around 4:15 a.m. Friday, firefighters responded to a mobile home at 1510 Ariana Street at the Woodbrook Mobile Home Park.

The homeowner was discovered with serious injuries due to smoke and fire inhalation. The victim was taken by helicopter to Tampa General Hospital.

LFD was able to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to other structures.

The incident provided LFD with an opportunity to remind the public about the dangers of smoking near medical oxygen tanks and smoking in bed.

“The Lakeland Fire Department recommends that individuals using medical oxygen never smoke. Additionally, for anyone that does smoke, they should never do so when groggy, tired or sleepy as it can lead to a fire upon falling asleep; even if only for a moment,” the report said.

For more info on medical oxygen and smoking safety from LFD: click here.

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Published at Fri, 28 Oct 2016 20:38:54 +0000