What could if mean for traffic if Rays move to Ybor

What could if mean for traffic if Rays move to Ybor

A long road ahead: The Tampa Bay Rays and the city of Tampa are facing some big obstacles if they want the team to move to Ybor City. One of the main issues is where all the money will come from.

Another question is what will happen in St. Petersburg if the Rays leave.

And don’t forget the traffic. It’s already bad enough with events and games at Amalie Arena.

With a Billy Joel concert at the Arena on Friday, it took us 45 minutes to get to downtown Tampa from our office in St. Pete. A Rays game on the same night as an event at Amalie Arena could potentially lead to a massive gridlock.

While the Rays moving to Tampa could mean great things for the economy in the Tampa Bay area, the development happening as part of Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik’s big plan to revitalize this area could potentially add to the congestion.

While many people are in support of the Rays move, we just want to give you another perspective, what you could be dealing with traffic-wise if and when the Rays move to Tampa.

It’s something for many of us fans to take into consideration if we have to drive to a new location to root for the home team.

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Published at Sat, 10 Feb 2018 04:19:07 +0000